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World AIDS Day


Older people are the fastest growing group in the UK with HIV
Their numbers will double over the next five years. Treatment advances are now keeping people alive into old age - but what quality of life can they look forward to, and how can it be improved? 1 Dec 13

Obama launches HIV cure initiative
President Obama announced an initiative to find a cure for HIV infections that would be funded by $100 million shifted from existing spending. The initiative reflects a growing optimism among scientists that it may be possible to get patients' immune systems to control HIV without drugs, or even to eliminate the virus from their systems 3 Dec 13

HIV care 'at risk from NHS changes', specialists warn
The British HIV Association says many specialists feel the split has worsened patient care, and worry the situation will deteriorate even further

Why anti-gay laws matter on World AIDS Day
In many countries there is a rising tide of hatred being fed by lies and fear, ignorance and increasing violence. 1 Dec 13

How AIDS activists changed medical research
As well as having a direct and traumatic effect on people and communities, HIV/AIDS has also changed the way we run clinical trials 1 Dec 13

The war on the epidemic is being won
but discrimination against sufferers is still rife 1 Dec 13

19,000 adults aged over 50 receiving care for HIV in the UK
many of them kept alive thanks to improvements in drug treatments. But the real issue is poverty 1 Dec 13

From Russia Without Love

From Russia without love Whitehall Russia protest Stephen Fry at Russian protest in London London gay bars boycot russian vodka

From Russia Without Love

James Brooks' video message played at Brighton Pride. Pride has evolved and we must utilise it as effectively as possible to get any political messages out there. 5 Aug 13

Hundreds protest in London

against Russian anti-gay law - "Putin is the 'Czar of Homophobia'," veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell wrote on his website 11 Aug 13

Stephen Fry calls for protest symbol

he accepted that it was unlikely that the Winter Olympics would be boycotted or moved from Russia 11 Aug 13 

No equal rights,
no vodka nights

UK gay clubs boycott Russian imports 29 Jul 13

Stephen Fry is 'sick'
says Russian politician Vitaly Milonov in anti-gay rant 12 Aug 13 

Russian gay teens
apparently have only one support website 12 Aug 13

Don't boycott 2014 Winter Olympics, says Russian LGBT group
Instead, visiting athletes should use the occasion to highlight Russia's anti-gay laws and human rights abuses 11 Aug 13 

IOC President's first metion of "sexual orientation"
Pride House International calls on International Olympic Committee to enshrine this principle of inclusion in the Olympic Charter
pridehouseinternational 11 Aug 13 

Q&A: Gay rights in Russia
BBC News looks at just how hard life is for gay people in modern Russia 10 Aug 13

Russian torture victim dies
According to a human rights activist the young gay victim of a Neo Nazi torture video has died 6 Aug 13 


Gays in cyberspace

40,000 signatures petitioning Google and Apple to remove 'gay cure' app 31 May 13

Google and internet service providers urged to do more to block pornography 31 May 13

Singapore will ban gay content from websites, by introducing a licensing system 31 May 13

stop the violence app

'Bashing' App

How this smartphone App is helping end anti-gay hate crimes 31 May 13

Gay pro athletes get backing of Nike as sponsors await

Jason Collins

Jason Collins, basketball player comes out
- "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay" 29 Apr 13

The prospect of Nike producing a big, gay ad campaign should surprise exactly nobody who pays attention to sports or marketing 13 Apr 13


Sports Marketing and the struggle for gay rights: Made for each other! 29 Mar 13

Robbie Rogers: Gay soccer player on coming out in professional sports 15 Apr 13

Nike rainbow sneakers

Radio gays

Sauce FM Jemm Radio Iain Dale gaydio

Sauce FM - a brand new LGBT radio station to promote the Brighton gay scene, features Simon Le Vans, Jimmy Willis, Paul Jones and Dulcie Danger 21 Feb 13

Ex-Gaydar radio team - join new online stations at Jemm Radio 6 Mar 13

Iain Dale - Gay political blogger replaces James Whale on LBC 97.3 Drivetime 6 Mar 13

Gaydio - Manchester-based LGBT radio station takes over two digital radio licences in London and Sussex Coast 7 Jan 13

The most technologically advanced hotel in London

Eccleston Hotel Hi Tech hotel

In February 2013 we met in front of the enormous screen at the ultra chic Eccleston Square boutique hotel in Pimlico. Beautuful rooms, modern facilities, and a luxurious restaurant and attentive staff who made GBA members very welcome. We were also treated to a viewing of beautiful jewellery and gemstones from new gay business Festoon UK.

As usual guests were invited to speak about their latest projects, including a new 'Offers & Discounts' newsletter which is sent to 17,500 LGBT subscribers.


GBA meeting at Beaufort House, January 2013

At our January meeting Mr Hayden Cavendish brought some sample of Ro Chocolatier handmade artisan British chocolates to taste.

This new company is seeking investment to upgrade the quality of the ingredients and packaging, and to improve our range to appeal more strongly to the Corporate Gifts market.

Subscribers will receive one box of 24 premium handmade chocolates per month. Half price offer

Wine and canapes were generously provided by the Beaufort House Club, 354 Kings Road, Chelsea.

Stonewall Top 100 Employers in Britain

Top UK employers

Stonewall have published their annual workplace equality index 17 Jan 13

The Co-operative is the most gay friendly retailer in the UK for the fourth consecutive year 17 Jan 13

Greater London Authority fails to make Stonewall Workplace Equality Index for fourth year running 17 Jan 13

Accenture tops Stonewall's 2013 list of gay-friendly employers 16 Jan 13



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