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The benefits of membership

The key part of our mission statement is to connect quality suppliers and individuals to a growing LGBT market place.

For you, it's a matter of being seen and seizing the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals in the industry.

- use the GBA logo to add credibility to your organisation

- share your expertise through our workshop and training events

- networking opportunities in a relaxed environment

- be found by potential customers who search our membership directory

- use of our newsletter to promote your organisation to fellow members

- benefit from discounts offered to fellow members

- client referrals within the group and special packages within the association Join online

Why join?

The GBA was originally formed in 1983 as a trade association to fight the inequalities we faced from hostile authorities.

Working with other groups we have won legal equality, and today the GBA is a modern day gay chamber of commerce.

Today, our focus is on:

- providing networking opportunities to make useful business contacts,

- training for LGBT professionals in legal, marketing, business development and employment issues

- and we work together with Government and others to develop the gay market and encourage gay-owned start-ups.

We are run by a voluntary committee elected from GBA members.

We have a regular email newsletter, hold monthly networking meetings, and arrange training and support in areas of interest to LGBT professionals.

Any questions, please contact:

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Our aims and objectives

To establish an organisation, fully representative of businesses, organisations and individuals in business who provide products and/or services to members of the LGBT community in a non-discriminatory manner, throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Our strategic objectives

- To promote the relationships and develop the interests of all Members of the Association in their relations with one another and their customers, clients, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which they operate

- To promote friendly relations with others in business in general and to provide means for negotiation and liaison with other bodies concerned with the development of business in both the United Kingdom and abroad

- To discourage unfair competition without, however, interfering in any way with initiative and enterprise based on fair trading

- To take all such action as may be deemed necessary to inform the public of the advantages of utilising the services and products provided by Members of the Association

- To do all such things as may be deemed necessary to raise the prestige and status of the Members of the Association

- To establish and maintain a standard Code of Practice between Members of the Association and the general public which encourages best business practice

- To maintain a complaints procedure for the general public in their dealings with Members of the Association

- To actively promote and support the seven strands of diversity, namely:
Age; Disability; Gender; Race; Reassignment of Gender; Religion or belief; Sexual Orientation.

More information:

AGM and GBA Annual Report 2012

Membership code of practice

All Members of the Association must:

- Endorse and implement, where appropriate, the Equal Opportunities Policy of the Association

- Endorse the Aims and Objectives of the Association

- Do nothing to bring the Association into disrepute

- Comply with the Complaints Procedure of the Association

The Executive Committee of the Association reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Member who is found to have broken the Code of Practice of the Association, pursuant to the guidelines and procedures as set out in the Constitution.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Members must endorse the Equal Opportunities Policy of the Association and should implement it, where appropriate.

The purpose of the Equal Opportunities Policy of the Association is to enhance any Equal Opportunities Policies currently in effect in Members' businesses. It is not designed to replace such existing policies, nor is it designed to be an all encompassing Equal Opportunities Policy. Dignity and respect for the LGBT community in the workplace:

To create and sustain a positive operating environment where the individual rights and dignity of lesbians and gay men are respected and equal access to employment are afforded and therefore to ensure:
- that all employees-related benefits recognise same sex partners
- that there is a safe working environment for the LGBT community and that any homophobic harassment is dealt with promptly and effectively
- that the workplace social and hospitality culture is inclusive of lesbians and gay men and their partners
- that all discrimination according to the law will be challenged and opposed.

Complaints Procedure

Any Member of the Association or member of the public with concerns about the failure of a Member to abide by the Code of Practice of the Association may make representations to the Executive Committee. All complaints must be made in writing and be presented to the Chair of the Executive Committee.

On receipt of a complaint, the Chair will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and carry out an investigation by the following procedure:

Forward a copy of the letter of complaint to the Member concerned, requesting a response

Bring the Letter of complaint and any reply received to the attention of the Executive Committee members present at the next, duly convened meeting of the Executive Committee

Send a written reply to the complainant and Member concerned, detailing the recommendations of the Executive Committee including, where appropriate, an offer to mediate between the parties concerned

If the Executive Committee deems a complaint to be of a serious nature warranting consideration of the expulsion of the Member from the Association, the Chair will ask the Member to reply before the next meeting of the Executive Committee, giving reasons why the Member should not be expelled from the Association.



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